Saturday, August 5, 2017

Olay For Life.

Growing up, I always remember my grandmother having one of those "medicine-cabinet" mirrors in her bathroom that you could open up & store things on little shelves. Two of the things I distinctly remember that were a l w a y s on hand were Vicks VapoRub (in the little blue bottle) and this Oil of Olay that she would use daily on her face.

She had the most beautiful skin, even in her 70's, and I will be so blessed if I age as gracefully as she did. To this day, I swear by this product & use it daily myself! I was so excited to see that they have come out with a new line of Fresh Outlast Body Wash that is just as cute as it is moisturizing & delightfully scented! The Cooling White Strawberry & Mint is my favorite so far.

You guys, go grab some of this stuff and sit back in the tub dreaming that your lying in a strawberry field sipping on a fresh mint julep. It's THAT amazing.


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