Thursday, September 7, 2017

Brown Paper Baggin' It.

Okay, so no one uses brown paper bags to carry their lunch in anymore.. I mean-- who would want to with all of these cute lunch totes they have now?! I remember the days my kids were so excited to take their own lunches to school with them but I struggled with coming up with something different everyday to pack for them! All I could think about was the notorious PB&J or ham sandwiches.. aka nothing exciting.

Today, I see so many cute lunch box ideas on social media that it has me dreaming of packing lunches again! I figured I would pick a few of my favorites and share them with you in case your in a rut with knowing what to stick in the bag with that banana :)

1. submarine sandwich - how cute is this?! one little straw makes all the difference here!

2. pizza quesadillas - this takes a regular cheese quesadilla up a few notches!

3. pb&j sushi rolls - how fancy they will feel when they pull out their own "sushi"!

4. cheesy pretzel dippers - this would be great to let them "make" their own lunch the night before!

5. sweet fruit wrap - another easy peasy one they could help make!

Also, I wanted to share with you my {new} favorite juice boxes from Apple & Eve that you will feel great about stashing in their bag everyday!

These juices contain 1 fruit/veggie serving in each box! for real.. and even better-- there is NO added sugars or artificial flavors/colors!! They have so many varieties to choose from and there hasn't been one so far we haven't liked! You can click here to find out where to buy & get a coupon while your there, too!

*I received these juice boxes complementary in return for an honest review.

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